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Roads & Road Agreements

Snow Removal

After heavy snowfalls bus routes and high traffic main roads are prioritized. Grid roads and farm access roads are completed next.

Speed Limits

Speed limits are posted on roads within the RM of Winslow.

  • 80 km/hr on grid, gravel & seasonal roads
  • 70 km/hr for heavy haul vehicles over 10 tonne gross vehicle weight
  • 60 km/hr when sharing the road with emergency, towing and maintenance vehicles.


All loads must be tarped within the RM of Winslow in accordance with Bylaw No. 4-2020.

Primary Weight Permits

To obtain a permit for Agricultural uses please contact the RM of Winslow Office or fill out a blank permit found on our website and return to the office for authorization.  They are $100 per truck unit or $25 per trip.

To obtain a permit for Commercial uses please contact Roadata at: 1-888-730-3745 or Fax 1-403-341-7467 or Email [email protected].  Permits can also be obtained through their website at (online permit application).

You will receive a window sticker for every truck unit you permit and access to the Roadata emails to inform you about road restrictions. As of January 2020, the RM of Winslow No. 319, RM of Oakdale No. 320 and the RM of Prairiedale No. 321 have offered, through Roadata, a regional primary weight permit for $300/year. This would include one sticker to indicate the purchase of this regional primary weight permit. All movement must be on dry track roads especially during the Spring Road Restriction period.

Haul Agreements

All haulers who want to use a municipal road for the purpose of transporting goods or commodities on a continuous basis must enter into a Haul Road Agreement.  These are administered through Roadata.  They can be reached at 1-403-356-2693 or email [email protected].

Traffic Compliance Officer

In 2016, the RM of Winslow No. 319 and the RM of Oakdale No. 320 entered into an agreement together to contract a Traffic Compliance Officer. This individual is responsible for communication with commercial and agricultural traffic within the Municipalities to maintain safety and preservation of all municipal infrastructure. The Traffic Compliance Officer ensures that all decisions and actions comply with the relevant legislation, policies and procedures. To learn about the latest road restrictions or any questions on movement within the RM’s please call Dennis Dales at 306-460-4092.

Primary Weight Corridors

Highway 31:
Highway 31 is classified as a secondary weight highway from Highway 21 to the Village of Dodsland. From the Village of Dodsland to Township Road 324 (Plenty Grid), Highway 31 has a 9 month primary weight classification (15 km rule does not apply). From Township 324 (Plenty Grid) to Highway 4, Highway 31 has a 8,000 kg weight restriction.

CTP (Clearing the Path) Grid Roads:
CTP grid were created to provide primary weight corridors throughout municipalities to improve economic development. They operate at primary weight 9 months of the year. Industry is not required to hold permits to carry primary weight on CTP roadways unless they access other municipal roads without this designation. Municipalities are allowed to enter into maintenance agreements for CTP roadways. The roadway is still subject to weight restrictions if weather conditions create conditions where the integrity of the road may result in damage.
Please call the Municipal Compliance Officer at 1-306-460-4092 with all road condition questions.

The RM of Winslow No. 319 has 3 CTP corridors.

  1. Township Road 324 (Plenty Grid) which connects Highway 31 and Highway 4 is a CTP grid.
  2. Range Road 3201 joins Highway 7 and travels north to Highway 31 and is a CTP grid.
  3. The portion of Range Road 3194 from Highway 31 north to Highway 51 is a CTP grid.